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This version (Perpetuum LITE) is limited to dates before the 1st of January 2009.
Get the full version of Perpetuum to see the moon phase for any date.
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Perpetuum is the Revolutionary Lunar Calendar for the iPhone and iPod touch.

If you're like us, you don't like reading dates and numbers from a table and then try to figure out how many days you have until the next new or full moon. Perpetuum solves this problem and gives you the information you need in a way we couldn't find anywhere else.

Spinning the moon clockwise will get you forward it time, while anticlockwise goes back.

▶ New Moon is UP
▶ First Quarter is on the RIGHT
▶ Full Moon is DOWN
▶ Last Quarter on the LEFT

▶ No internet connection required.
▶ To change the date, drag the moon or tap the date.
▶ Weekend days are drawn brighter so you can instantly see which day of the week a certain moon phase will be in.
▶ Shake the phone/ipod to return to the current date.
▶ Ability to set a marker to a certain moon phase (your birth date for example)

You'll definitively get addicted to it after getting a taste of it's power.

Many lunar calendars assume the lunar cycle length is constant (or better said they are using the mean length of 29.53 days). Unlike those calendars, Perpetuum calculates the precise moment for all the moon phases.

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"After using Perpetuum a bit, I really like it. I've been using the same old moon calendars for years and this one is really different and fun to use. Also fast!"

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"Well done. This is tops and a uses a great method.
Worth every Penny."

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Onboarding for Perpetuum Lite - Moon Phases Onboarding for Perpetuum Lite - Moon Phases Onboarding for Perpetuum Lite - Moon Phases
Screenshots for Perpetuum Lite - Moon Phases Screenshots for Perpetuum Lite - Moon Phases Screenshots for Perpetuum Lite - Moon Phases
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App Store Reviews
Coldar, 5 stars:

Tried the lite version only for a minute before purchasing the full version (only .99). This is perfect if your looking for a moon phase application that just pertains to their phases. I've tried other moon apps and they had way too much info than what I needed. This app is stable and smooth scrolling. Like the way you can scroll in a circular motion to find all the moon phases. It is very easy to use and highly recommend getting the paid version (this version stops at end of 2008 ). Nice work Dev's

Jbobnew, 5 stars:

Oops, meant to put 4 stars on my previous review so I'm putting 5 on this one heh

The Mellowseeker, 4 stars:

Not a bad gadget and useful too!

stevewozniak, 5 stars:

Great job and well priced! Thanks!!!!

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