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1112 episode 01 LITE is the very beginning of the world first episodic adventure game exclusive to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Louis Everett is leading a quiet life and minding his own business as the most average middle class citizen. He lives with his beautiful but rather nosy wife in the peaceful Jalonsville New jersey.

Take a journey to explore this intriguing mystery and discover the reasons behind his constant headaches and strange dreams.
Meet a bunch of colorful characters, dive into bizarre situations until an unpredictable event occurs and turns everything upside down!

- Advanced graphical design and artistic direction
- 15 larger than life environments
- 8 characters
- Various puzzles
- An incredibly responsive Multi-Touch user interface
- Original score
- Elaborate interactive narrative
- Totally redesigned game engine

1112 episode 01 available!
1112 episode 02 available!
1112 episode 03 available!

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Version History:
Version: 2  (Mar, 2011 - Aug, 2011)   Show More
Version: 1  (Jan, 2009 - Aug, 2009)   Show More
App Store Reviews
fairlind, 4 stars:

But am I the only one who couldn't see the safe code even after reading about it in a walkthrough? Perhaps this game is not sufficiently adapted to an iPod?

ChrissythePigHunter, 5 stars:

This is just a sample of the full version of episode 1 FYI... It is not meant to be a long involved sample. It is amazing compared to other iPhone games. I just downloaded full episode one!

Bicksterton, 5 stars:

Love that this works this fluidly on an iPhone.

dstreaterkid, 4 stars:

20< 80> 30<

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