CrewNerd turns your cell phone into an on-the-water training tool in any rowing shell, canoe, kayak or dragon boat - with no wiring! With a waterproof case, you can get real-time data during your workout and even relay it to your coach.

Using the accelerometer in your device, CrewNerd is able to accurately calculate your stroke rate as well as how much bounce (vertical movement) and stern check you are producing. Speed, pace and distance are calculated via GPS.

• Configurable display

In landscape mode there are up to six configurable data fields, and in portrait mode there are up to ten. Choose from the following:
• Stroke rate
• Elapsed time
• Distance
• Speed or pace
• Average speed or pace
• Heart rate
• Stroke count
• Interval count
• Meters per stroke
• Total distance
• Projected time and distance
• Check
• Bounce
• Course (direction)
• Time of day

Set the top line to be double-height to make the most important data stand out. In portrait mode, the top two lines can both be made double-height.

• Custom workouts

Select from one of the provided workouts, or create your own based on distance, time or strokes. An auto-start feature starts the timer when the first stroke is taken, or you can set a “countdown” of 15 or 30 seconds before the timer starts to allow you to build up speed before starting a piece.

• Custom courses

Create custom by plotting your start and finish lines on a map. The application will start the timer automatically when you cross the start line and stop when you reach the finish. This is great for hands free operation in long distance races or for set routes you routinely use.

• Review your data

All workout data is recorded and can be reviewed on the device or exported for use with compatible desktop applications and web sites. Supported export formats: GPX, KML, TCX, and CSV. You can view a map of your workout or view an interval data chart with configurable distance markers showing split times on your phone.

• Heart rate

CrewNerd supports all Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors.

• Live position tracking

Stream your workout data as it happens to any web browser via

• VoiceOver support

For blind and vision-impaired athletes, CrewNerd provides audible feedback during your workouts. Configure the content and timing of the announcements to meet your needs.

• For coaches

Use custom workouts to keep your practices on target. In coach mode, you can tap anywhere on the screen to check stroke rate. CrewNerd can also be used on the iPad for a larger display.

Waterproof cases are available to protect your iPhone on the water. See our web site for more information.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks MapKit Core Bluetooth Cocoa Touch Accelerate Core Location
  • Backend Azure Mobile Services
  • Mobile Features In-app Purchases Location Accelerometer Bluetooth
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App Store Reviews
Mike S D, 5 stars:

This app works wonderfully. It does all the things that the dedicated SpeedCoach devices do, for a fraction of the cost. Very accurate with my splits and stroke rate. Works great with my Bluetooth HRM. Love that it logs all the workout data for transfer to a computer. Something for the future I would like to see is the stroke ratio, but not really needed.

HouSally, 5 stars:

Worked great out of the box. I had a few kinks when I added Bad Elf Pro gps device and updates to software a couple of times, but I was able to iron out those issues using the troubleshooting help available on the app website. The troubleshooting help area of the site is really easy to use and thorough. Very often the developer of the app is a major part of the conversation and walks through layers of potential fixes until the problem is fixed. I was able to fix the issues I was having easily-similar issue easily searchable and fix was clearly explained. Plus the app is an excellent rowing tool. I'm finding new ways to incorporate it into my training-ways not previously possible with a traditional speed coach. There are many more stroke details available with the device, and the access to these meaningful measures while on the water is improving all the time. Plus I'm getting better at knowing how to use the data. I use the app every time I row. I have been using it for two years.

McCoy of Planet Earth, 5 stars:

Thanks for the continuous thoughtful upgrades.

MartinOfOrcas, 5 stars:

Does what it is supposed to do reliably.

Official Team Members:

  • Tony Andrews
    Tony Andrews
    Developer , Project Manager