Coleman® Creepy Campfire Tales is a collection of scary stories to read around the campfire. With categories for kids, teens and adults, your whole family will have a frightening good time taking turns reading stories like “The Papier-Mâché Man”, “The Outhouse of Terror”, and “An Old Man at 19”. Select stories even have scary sound effects that you can use to make these creepy tales even creepier!

These stories have a tendency to make people afraid of the dark, so make sure to download the Coleman® Lantern application before the sun goes down.


- Stories for kids, teens and adults.
- 15 creepy stories to enjoy.
- Spooky sound effects you can add for extra scares.
- Rate stories from 1 to 5 lanterns based on how terrifying they are.


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch* (2nd generation).

Requires iPhone 2.1 Software Update.

* First Generation iPod Touch users will need to plug in headphones or use external speakers.

Key Terms: camping, camp, camper, fire, scary, spooky, Halloween, nightmares, reading, screams, ghosts, witches, monsters, werewolves, vampires, haunted, full moon, ghoul, jack o’lantern, pumpkin, mummy, paranormal, boo, candles, evil, zombie, gory, frightening, boogie man, sleeping bag, tent, campsite, bonfire, smores, marshmallows, wolf, howling, owl, goblin.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Core Animation AVFoundation Cocoa Touch OpenGL
  • Analytics SDK Flurry
  • Mobile Features Audio & Video Location Graphics & Animation
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App Store Reviews
RichOlsen, 4 stars:

Fun to read aloud around the campfire...wish there were more stories to download

Matt2237, 5 stars:

It's so convenient to pull out an iPhone and select a quick campfire story for your friends. It's especially nice to select something to match appropriate age level.

Qwertykidz, 5 stars:

The stories are perfect for the campfire ring, though the adults stories are more for teens and for those who said it was hard to turn the page or quit unexpected or was too quiet. Turn up your volume, learn to slide your thumb, and quit fat fingering the Coleman button!!!

Capsrock199, 5 stars:

Krazy C.B freaked me out and so did missing boy.but i didn't get old man at 19

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