I've used many of the diet programs for the iPhone in the past. Eventually, as I start to understand my diet better, I get fed up with all of the time consuming tracking.

In the end I just want to know how many calories I consume in a day, and how my diet is doing over time.

Smiley Diet does just that for me. To use smiley diet you simply click on a circle to add calories 100 at a time. Which nicely coincides with a lot of the commercial diet food produced. No need to select a food and figure out how many ounces. You don't need that much detail, you just need to know when you are eating too much. Smiley lets you know when you are eating too much, by indicating his sadness level based on a few inputs:

Upper Calorie Goal - The number of calories you want to eat.
Upper Calorie Limit - The number of calories you should never go over.
(you can set these by pressing the circled i button at the bottom of the screen)

You can usually make an educated guess at how many calories are in the food you are eating, but if you don't know use the handy search bar to search the internet for answers.

The calendar view lets you see how you are doing over time. And gives you incentive to string together a number of good days.

So download the app, set your calorie limit and get started losing weight the easy way with Smiley Diet.

I've already lost ten pounds on Smiley Diet and I think you can too.
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travelerawd, 4 stars:

I love this app. It's simple but effective. =) It's great for at-a-glance views of your diet and the monthly view is great. However, I would recommend two things-

bigronmiller, 5 stars:

I am losing weight because of calorie tracking and it feels good. I sleep better, I no longer need to take antacids at night, and it is easier to do everyday tasks. My doctor is thrilled too! I am diabetic, and losing this weight has dropped my A1C to 6.4, just slightly elevated (it has been over 11 in the past). Whether it is smiley diet or any other product get on a diet and lose the weight, you'll love the way you feel.

Xylothrep, 5 stars:

Easy to use , tracking in seconds I have to track to lose weight and this is so much easier than writing out every meal then calories , it certainly works well , just remember to set your days cal allowance ...... Excellent

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