The full version of the Gay History Project has been ranked the number one LGBT iPhone app by Ramon Johnson of! Thank you very much Mr. Johnson!

I recently learned that my British husband wouldn’t be allowed to apply for a green card because the US Federal Government doesn’t recognize our marriage. Although we have yet to be united, the saddest part is that we aren’t the only ones going through this. Over 30,000 same-sex couples are being kept apart, and even more are denied basic rights. It is because of this that I decided to see what has happened around the world in regards to gay rights.

This version of the app includes less than a fifth of the historical events, places, and influential people as the full version and does not include the forum in which new stories can be added, allowing the amount of information to grow every day, so people can think more carefully in the future about equality. There are ads which allow you to help reunite my husband and I that do not appear in the full version.
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Noohoss, 5 stars:

Do you realize just how vulnerable you are to hackers that have EASY access to any and all information relating to you? ie. address for starts...what you need to do from here on out, is watch your back, literally...your backside perhaps? How does a good pile up for some cg action sound to you? Well, your such a sick pup, you will probably like it, when its your time. Oh, and in the future, watch what you say about my people, after all WE ARE FAMILY.

Bry,bry, 5 stars:

When I buy an app I always look at reviews written by other users to see if it is any good, but the comments on this app are mostly based from narrow minded, brain-washed hitlers. The point of a review is to review the app, not to sound like all the broken records telling the LGBT community that they will burn in hell or whatever kick their on this week. I thought this was a good app with lots of factual information, that is why I gave it five stars.

Bella&kim, 5 stars:

Its sad how people who are against gays are even commenting on this app. Grow up. If you dont like it dont comment, its simple. Why would you even be on this app, common sense. Dont walk in areas ur not wanted. Like i said grow up & back off. Its an app for gays not anti gays. Great app tho!! (:

El Principe sin Reino, 5 stars:

Me encanta esta aplicación, espero más como esta.

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