Linux, the most popular (and most misunderstood) operating system can be very hard and frustrating to users who are not familiar with the text side (called the Terminal) because of all of its commands. Get one command wrong, and the operating system may not do what you expect.

With the Linux Command Reference (LCR), users have access to the most widely used Linux commands to date. As the screen shots show, one just has to go into a topic that he or she wants to know more about, and the iPhone or iPod Touch will show them the command that a user needs to do for a certain task.

Now updated to work with iOS 5 and up.
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App Store Reviews
Rodeninja, 5 stars:

Well organized and easy to understand, helps to learn the terminal commands in Linux.

Rj2012, 5 stars:

plz Add more commands....

Alvaro_nh, 5 stars:

Developer Note: there is a typo in the SSH section Public key in the Public key commas is misspelled.

Silverpaw84, 4 stars:

These are basic commands, but it's a great app to have for beginners. Nice and organized. I haven't memorized all the Linux commands, so this helps

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