iPuzzle15 is a iPhone, iPod & iPad application that is a remake of the old & famous ‘Puzzle Fifteen’.

The idea is to order the tiles from 1 to 15, left to right, within top to bottom. This tile order will also show the picture. Just tap one of the tiles in the column or row of the black hole to push the respective tile(s) towards the hole. Tap ‘undo’ if you want to backtrack. Tap ‘again’ for the same game again and ‘new game’ for another one.

A ‘hint’ button helps you at first, until you are able to solve the whole puzzle on your own. As a demonstration of the tactics and goal of the game, the ‘solve’ button solves the whole game automagically, at a user selectable speed. Shake slightly and shortly to peek at the final picture.

A seconds counter encourages you to play against time and a moves counter motivates you to solve the puzzle in as few moves as possible.

You get 6 preloaded pictures, of which 2 of Hollywood actress Crystal-Rose Mantecon, with her kind permission. You can replace any of them with one from your own Photo library on your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Both portrait and landscape mode are supported and can hold different pictures.

Numbers on tiles can be switched off to make it more difficult, to almost impossible, depending on the detail in the pictures. ‘Gravity mode’ is an extra challenge because it lets you slide tiles by changing the inclination of your device instead of using touch to move them. You can choose the gravity slide speed. Gravity mode works both in screen-up and screen-down mode. :) The gravity step period influences tile reaction time.

Sounds give more feedback. Just use the iPhone silent switch to play in silent mode. When finishing a game in one mode without using hint or solve, the resulting picture with your score is saved in your photo library.

This App is perfect for people who like intelligent puzzles.
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  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Quartz 2D Accelerate
  • Mobile Features Audio & Video Accelerometer Graphics & Animation
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