Greetings fellow traveller,

The short story: this app is written by an experienced travel medicine doctor to help you work out what to do if you get sick on your travels.

The long story:
Do you travel overseas? ...places like Central and South America? Asia ? Africa?

Do you sometimes eat at local food stalls in these places?? Wouldn't it be good to know the fastest way to fix stomach problems such as montezumas revenge?
If you travel above 7,000 feet, wouldn't it be great to know the trick to managing altitude sickness?
Do you visit the tropics? Do you know how to recognise the subtle signs of impending heat exhaustion?

Aussies are keen travellers AND Travel is such great fun - most of the time ... but there is one thing that glossy travel books brochures or internet sites seldom talk about ... illness ...but it happens ...50% of travellers experience a medical problem. This can be costly in time and money.
We don't want to pay precious dollars for a great trip, only to spend days in the bathroom - and many of those bathrooms are not like the ones back home.

Wouldn‘t it be great if you had a simple, easy to follow guide to help you manage the known and common travelers' health problems?......
How comforting would it be if you had an expert travel doctor riding shotgun with you on your adventures? ...with no extra weight in your luggage!

I’m Dr Deb, The Travel Doctor. I have two great passions, travel and medicine (and I think the iPhone is pretty cool too!). I’ve been looking after travellers for over 25 years.... lots of travellers.
My book has over 200,000 copies in print. I developed this app because I‘ve seen what happens to travelers. I know what information you need. MY travelers carry this information. They know how to fix things. They tell me scary stories about travelers they meet who don't know this basic information.

(Many people have never heard of travel doctors. Our working life is devoted to research and care of Travel Health issues. We prepare travelers, like you, to stay healthy on their travels.. eg We research the best way to manage travellers gut problems... and its not raspberry cordial and charcoal tablets!

Whilst this app will never replace a visit to a doctors office, there ARE simple things you can do to help yourself. This app will tell you those things.... It will give you access to the up to date information you need on how to stay healthy on your travels, especially in those places where the local hospitals can make you sicker than you already are.

How much does it cost to see your doctor? Lots...
How much is travel insurance ? Lots...
What is your health worth? Lots...
This app is a few dollars... a bargain! ...(then you have more money to spend on the trip).

Best wishes for Healthy Travels

Dr Deb
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App Store Reviews
Mer907, 5 stars:

This app was essential on a recent trip to remote Africa when most members of a 16 person team became ill. In a place where there was no other medical care and the locals advised us the hospital was only a place to die, this app was exactly what I needed!

Vegas 702, 4 stars:

It's put together well and could be useful in any day to day living.

The food photographer, 5 stars:

This book is very good. The information is hard to get when you are travelling, especially in a non English speakig country. I like how they organize the content and the search helped finding information easy. Get this before you start a trip. You'll be glad you did.

Shopper #6, 4 stars:

I bought this app specifically because it does not need an internet connection, all the information is stored locally. It's perfect for traveling, in my case I cruise a lot so I like to be prepared with an all inclusive first aid kit and this app provided good information, especially which drugs were essential. I did not give it five stars simply because it does not look good. On my iPad the main page is squashed to fit on the page. Hopefully it will get fixed. Looks aren't everything, I highly recommend this app.

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