Warning! Hypothetical Bodily Harm!
Fight everyone around you!

If you can see them, then you can fight them!
Let out all that stress that has been building up inside you...

For iOS 6+

Current Features:
- Camera mode
- Zoom In/Out
- Hit sounds
- Hit effects
- Screenshot ability
- Camera distortion

Future Updates:
- "Rage" mode
- Additional sounds
- Additional effects

- "It makes for good fun at any dinner with friends or family"

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  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Core Animation AVFoundation Cocoa Touch
  • Analytics SDK Flurry
  • Mobile Features Audio Accelerometer Push Notifications Camera Design Audio & Video In-app Purchases Graphics & Animation
Screenshots for Punch 'Em! - Fight people through your camera! Screenshots for Punch 'Em! - Fight people through your camera!
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Version History:
Version: 5  (Nov, 2013 - Nov, 2013)   Show More
Version: 4  (Oct, 2012 - Mar, 2013)   Show More
Version: 3  (Apr, 2012 - Jun, 2012)   Show More
Version: 2  (Aug, 2010 - Mar, 2011)   Show More
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App Store Reviews
ThisOtherDude, 5 stars:

People need to chill

Timiniminy, 5 stars:

I don't know about anyone else, but there are PLENTY of times where I wish I could beat somebody up! And you know what? This app makes it kind offeel like you are! Without getting trown in jail for attempted murder. <<;

N2)3364657$77686877&78968), 5 stars:

I totally love this app! it's funny and entertaining! I got some ideas for an update: -add more apparel(arms): like a bear,a lady,etc. -iPad support Awesome app! Make the update please!

Cpttatertot, 5 stars:

This app is tha bomb when u have cameras the "BEST"!

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