a quick and easy shopping list with Dropbox sync

- Simply add your favored shopping items to your list. Reorder them to match your path through the grocery store. (Tap Edit button and grab the items on the right side to move them manually)

- Tap on an item to move it from your current shopping list to the backing list and vice versa. (Enable swipe instead of tap in info screen)

- Associate an image to your item from the photo library or directly from your camera to identify the brand and product you want to have in your cart.

- Synchronize the shopping list (text-only) with your Dropbox ( Tap the sync button to setup the initial connection to Dropbox. The list will be automatically synced and you can edit the list on other iOS devices or on your computer.

- Share the folder 'on_my_list' within your Dropbox account to allow other users to maintain the list with you. The folder must be shared before the other account owner sets up sync on his device so he will access the same folder.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Cocoa Touch
  • Mobile Features Cloud Storage
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App Store Reviews
berdiesnest, 4 stars:

VERY user friendly. Wish it had a barcode scanner though; or some way to list current prices while shopping. It could also use a way to organize by store section and by store. Otherwise, an awesome must have app.

NinaGo, 5 stars:

I love it. Every time I get ready for a trip go to my packing list with pictures. It is fantastic. I have all the stuff I need. As I pack it I move with one tap to my next list. On the way home I make sure I bring home everything. As I repack I quickly check off all the items. Honestly, I'm not sure how I managed without it.

iSaraNC, 5 stars:

Perfectly meets my needs. Simple, super-fast & easy to add items to backing list or create shopping list. The option of adding photos is what really sets it apart & makes my day. I'm picky about getting a specific item, so a photo enables me (or my not-so-picky husband) to get the right one off the shelf every time. Just match the picture - no typing in "Tide liquid Clean Breeze for He in 96 load size." I don't need prices but if you add that option please don't make it complicate what is already there. If prices only showed up when entered, like quantity, that would be ok.

Eumesmoe, 5 stars:

Simple and efficient

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