----= Balls Hut =----

Get a total freedom playing with the balls, throw them around and even create new! You could interact with this bunch of balls by tapping the empty background, holding single ball or shaking your iPhone or iPod.

Why pop bubble wraps when there's a really fun way to relax? And yay - it's totally free!

Get Balls Hut now and you won't stop tapping this addictive app!
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Version: 1  (Jun, 2010 - Jun, 2010)   Show More
App Store Reviews
sdfhksjldhfsjadfhasjdf, 4 stars:

very simple yet fun. i love messing around with it. it's free, so if you're looking into it, you should at least try it out. the only thing i don't like is the huge advertisement at the top of the screen. it takes away from the atmosphere.

Vanilla Man, 5 stars:

Gee, got no free hands for work - coffee cup in one hand and tapping this app with another. Thanks for the game, guys!

Best iPhoneUser, 5 stars:

there is nothing to add. Very good for my little daughter - this app can really stop her talking :) Just give app to your child and you can rest for a while

Centur10n, 5 stars:

I like physics and free apps.

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  • Larisa
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