A beautiful, simple, useful countdown app that 'just works'. Use it to countdown to and remember those special dates - anniversaries, birthdays, events, concerts, Easter, holidays... use on all your devices, with your iOS calendar, get reminded about upcoming events and share with friends.

Days to Go also features an Apple Watch app, so you can keep track of the important dates that you've entered on your iPhone even on your wrist on the go.

Days to Go allows you to easily count the days, hours, minutes until that all important date. You can colour code events, with a modern, tasteful palette to choose from, share dates on social media, and also integrate with your native iOS Calendar app.

Described by users as 'an application of elegant minimalism', Days to Go shows that practical can be beautiful and a pleasure to use.

"Days To Go is of a different breed from its competitors: where most try to be as shiny as possible, Days To Go charms us with it’s elegant minimalism, both in visual design and feature-set." -

Days To Go features:
- A simplistically beautiful flat UI
- Incredible ease of use
- iCloud Sync and Backup between devices ensures you never miss an event, and your important events are kept safe and secure
- Color coded events
- Passcode Lock (with Touch ID Support)
- Alerts for upcoming events (which work even when you're offline)
- Import events from your iOS Calendar to save time
- Detailed and accurate date and time countdown (in months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds)
- Social sharing on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook
- iOS Calendar integration
- The ability to count up from dates, showing the 'days since'
- Chronologically ordered organised dates
- Full date localisation to your country's calendar
- Full iOS 10, iPhone 7 and Apple Watch support.

Days to Go is a universal app with watch app, so you can experience the same elegance on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple Watch.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Quartz 2D Core Animation Cocoa Touch
  • Mobile Features Push Notifications Graphics & Animation
Screenshots for Days To Go - The Days Until Countdown Calendar Screenshots for Days To Go - The Days Until Countdown Calendar Screenshots for Days To Go - The Days Until Countdown Calendar
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Version History:
Version: 2  (Oct, 2012 - Oct, 2013)   Show More
Version: 1  (Sep, 2010 - Dec, 2010)   Show More
App Store Reviews
Lauren Hale, 5 stars:

I love the look and simplicity of this app!

HowCanEveryNicknameBeTaken, 5 stars:

I like apps that do one thing well, and this is one: a countdown calendar to various events with a minimalist aesthetic that fits iOS 7 perfectly. The "import from calendar" feature ties together the whole package.

happyreviewer2010, 5 stars:

Nice, simple and does the job.

AALimited, 4 stars:

I'm really liking the new UI design, it's simple and enjoyable to use. And the notification feature is a useful addition too. However, I have found a major bug in this app, where when you're creating / editing a countdown, if you change the time it will reset the date of it back to the current date (rather than the date the countdown ends) and vice versa. Apart from this, the app is very useful and great to use.

Official Team Members:

  • Dylan McKee
    Dylan McKee
    Developer , Designer