Notes Kept Simple

Your iPhone or iPod already replaces so many things you used to have to carry around. Let it replace one more. TrustyBook is a simple and customizable notebook app that lets you jot down notes with ease and style.

Managing Your Notes

— Name your notes anything you like. — TrustyBook lets you name your notes. So instead of the first line of your note being the name of the note, you can decide for yourself.

— Drag-and-Drop management with no extra setup, software, cloud, or accounts. — Your notes are accessible through iTunes file sharing. In iTunes, in the “Apps” tab of your phone configuration, your notes just sit there waiting for you to drag them wherever you like on your computer. Notes are plain and simple text files. You can also drag plain text files into TrustyBook through the exact same interface. No additional software, no setup

— Organize With Folders — TrustyBook lets you create folders to help you organize and manage your notes.

— Full Text Search — Find notes by searching through their content.

Make it Yours

— Pick your font, and let TrustyBook cater to your own thoughts on readability

— Pick your font size too. Have bad eyes? Use a bigger font. Have hawk-like eyes over short distances and a fancy sharp iPhone 4 screen? Use a tiny font and make the most of your screen real-estate. I didn’t pick for you because I don’t even know what’s best for me.

— Customizable colors — It’s not just for fun. Customize text color, background color, and Navigation Bar color. Use your favorite colors, or use high contrast for better visibility, or use low contrast to be easier on the eyes.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Quartz 2D Cocoa Touch
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App Store Reviews
MVMVMVM, 5 stars:

I open up TrustyBook when I need to jot something down, like an idea or a grocery list or a book recommendation, and the folders help me keep my notes organized. Couldn't be easier! Customizing the interface lets me display my notes how I want, and emailing or getting my notes through iTunes lets me quickly do what I want with my text. Go TrustyBook!

MedMonkey, 5 stars:

I have been very happy with this purchase. I used to use the 'stock' notebook application often, but it was severely lacking in versatility. Its lack of folders and inability to differentiate text are remedied in this elegantly simple application. Definitely a worthwhile buy!

Bananas&Custard, 5 stars:

Great app, been looking for a while for a text editor that has smaller fonts available and this goes beyond. Simply superb on my iPhone4. Very simple but very very good. This app and an Evernote email upload contact are just perfect together. Great work. One request - to be able to add coloured bookmarks (like small post-it tabs, that would be sized with font size) into documents for marking a position in the doc. Would love to see that. Oh and the ability to lock docs so you don't delete one by mistake. Thanks. A bargain as well. Oh, and this is far better than the Simplenote app. No Ads, and no subscription. True there is no sync feature, but I think it's just much better.

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