Ever done anything stupid and regretted your decision later? No? You're lying. Everyone does. Some are pretty terrible and most are absolutely hilarious. To everyone it didn't happen to, that is. So get something good out of that poor decision. Submit it to and let the rest of the world enjoy your misfortune.

The app lets you check out every Poor Decision posted to the site, in order by most recent, highest ranked, random, or even by tag. See the decision, result, tags, and even vote your favorites up. Or vote down your least favorite, it's up to you. Finally ready to join the good times? The app also allows you to submit your own Poor Decision, where it will be reviewed by our crack team of PoorDecision Scientists, and posted to the site itself if it makes the cut.

This application is powered by Science, and the foolishness of users like you.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Core Animation Cocoa Touch
  • Analytics SDK Google Analytics
  • Mobile Features Graphics & Animation
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Version: 2  (May, 2011 - May, 2011)   Show More
Version: 1  (Sep, 2010 - Sep, 2010)   Show More
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    Nick Pettazzoni
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