NEW: Mail a postcard right out of the app!

“I have more than 70 apps on my iPad, and this really is one of my favorites!” – B. Hirschi, Ocala, FL

"Image/Words is just what it sounds like: a simple iPad App to put words on top of images. We like." - Design Observer

image/words is a simple tool for artists and visual people. Just choose a photo from your album (or use one from our free-to-use library of images), add freeform text and you’re done! Experiment with your text, thoughts or poems. Or just make custom LOLcats. The text can be large, small, transparent or opaque and now in any color you choose.


Pinch to re-size text
Many fonts to choose from
Free images periodically delivered directly to the app
Create beautiful, one-of-a-kind greeting cards
Display your images in a slide show
E-mail and share with Facebook directly from the app
Easily delete or rearrange images in your library
NEW: Mail a postcard right from the app

When you’re done and happy with your creation, make an iPad slideshow of all your hard work. If your friends are too far away to hand your iPad over to them, you can email your creation or share it on Facebook straight from the app. And if you just want to take your images and go home, save them to your library—the high resolution images you sync via iTunes will retain their size.

When you’re not feeling creative or when your cats aren’t doing anything particularly funny, image/words connects you to our library of images with texts to get you started. We are already planning future updates that will provide additional and more refined typographical controls and a universal version that will work on an iPhone.

Similar to how app icons are managed on the iPad's main screen, you can hold your finger on any image in your library for more than a second to enter edit mode (the images will jiggle). You will be able to delete a photo or if you have more than one, rearrange them, which is useful if you want to run a slideshow in a certain order.
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App Store Reviews
Lejardindelise, 5 stars:

Love being able to personalize my photos with a message. App support is excellent. Thank you!

Choix du Jour, 5 stars:

This app follows its description as simple and easy to use. Should you have a question they are right on it to provide a solution/answer. No confusing or problematic options nor fancy bells or whistles. It delivers as promised--text on pictures with custom variety.

James Keen, 5 stars:

I used this app before to make some pretty e-cards and email them to friends but I really like it now that I can mail an actual postcard through it! Can't wait to get a card in the mail, and I am going to surprise some friends with a Happy New Year cards soon too.

akeyuumi, 5 stars:

I was really skeptic about buying this app; thinking it wasn't worth the $1.99 but I said to hell with it and bought it anyways. I love love love this app. It's so simple; you drag and drop the text, you have a plethora of fonts to choose from, and it's professional. And with the colors I love how there's an actual color wheel (well its a box but you get what I'm saying) but would it not be better if we can actually put in our own hexadecimal, HSV, or RGB color codes? We can look up the precise color that we want and just plug them in. But that is not even a complaint,must a suggestion. Overall this app is awesome!

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