This is the official 100 Word Story app! It is your iOS entryway to the wonderful world of 100 Word Stories and your connection to the website

What is a 100 Word Story?
A one hundred word story is a collection of exactly one hundred words imagined in turn by a pair of people without any planning, discussion, or editing.

How do you write a 100 word story?
- Find a friend to write with.
- Decide who is going to start.
- The first person says a word to get the story going.
- The other person says a word.
- The first person says another word.
- The other person says another word.
- Keep alternating words. add punctuation whenever you like.
- When you get to 100 words, stop!
- Come up with a title together (without alternating words).
- You're done!

This app makes writing a 100 Word Story with a friend a breeze! Word count is updated automatically as you go along! Plus, when you are done, your story gets submitted to the website, so that all of your friends can enjoy your comic genius.
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App Store Reviews
AshbyCat, 5 stars:

These stories r even more fun 2 write than they are 2 read!! U wont even know until u try it. This is my new fav thing 2 do with my friends. Best app I've bought in a long time!!!!!

catiealaska, 5 stars:

I love this application! Writing 100 word stories is so ridiculous and fun! And it's really amusing to see what others have come up with as well! This is quickly going to become my favorite app! I love the idea of creating ridiculous stories with any of my friends at any time! when the remote writing feature is running it's going to be EVEN better!!! I think if I wrote a story a day I'd be a happier person for it! :)

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    Dan Bretl