Mooooooooo is an interactive educational game that teaches toddles the sounds of farm animals. Mooooooooo teaches basic eye-hand coordination in an entertaining setting. Kids love it!
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Core Animation
  • Mobile Features Graphics & Animation
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Version: 1  (Dec, 2010 - Dec, 2010)   Show More
App Store Reviews
Daycare Family, 5 stars:

My two year old and seven year old loves this app. What a fun way to teach animals and sounds!!

Lima Beeeen, 5 stars:

Moooooooo is a really cute and funny app. You should really try it. It is the best.

MORE, 5 stars:

Hi Everyone! Thanks for trying my app! This is my first app and it is *very* basic but my two-year-old toddler loves it. If you have youngsters give it a try and watch them get a kick out of learning the animals sounds as they move across the screen with their own country-western riff. Dan King

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