*** The first app ever to be nominated for a TV BAFTA ***

Malcolm Tucker has lost his phone. And you've just found it.

Read his private emails. Listen to his voice memos. See who he follows on Twitter. And hack into his voicemails. But be warned: he wants his phone back…

A new breed of app from the BAFTA Award-winning and Academy Award nominated writing team behind The Thick of It and In the Loop.


- Read Malcolm’s private emails, documents and SMS messages
- Hack in to his voicemails
- See his recent calls
- Listen to his personal voice memos
- Follow his colleagues on Twitter
- Receive new voicemail messages from Malcolm Tucker, Ollie Reeder and Nicola Murray, even when the app is not running
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Version History:
Version: 1  (Dec, 2010 - May, 2011)   Show More
App Store Reviews
MJVELA, 5 stars:

It is splendidly hilarious! Will there be more? Please let there be more! I mean for the money. There should be!

Guilty8539, 5 stars:

I never write reviews, but this app made my day. Very clever premise, and nuggets of Tucker-joy on tap - what more could you want? May the updates never stop Now I've got to work on my poker face when I'm reading it in dull meetings.

manofscissors, 5 stars:

Well, somebody had a good idea and that idea was well executed. Well timed, as to give the impression of reality, this app keeps on giving. I'm sure it will end at some point, but you're left with lots to read, and re-read. The participation from some of the actors (particularly Capaldi himself) is an unexpected treat, but this app would be worth it simply for the Memos and Docs section. The writers really nailed the tone of every character who contributes an email, text or who wrote something in one of the docs. Thank you for selling this in the USwe're not all complete monkeys.

GC in DC, 4 stars:

I'm a huge fan of show, movie, and character, and was looking forward to this app. For the day I downloaded it, this app doesn't disappoint. But very soon the material turns from flood to trickle, and it's at this point when you wonder whether it's worth the pretty significant price (at least for iPhone apps). To justify the cost I'd really love to see the writers extend the material beyond the basic gag of Malcolm having lost his phone -- something that brings you a bit more deeply into the world of the Thick of It. Perhaps the block on the iphone comes undone and you either start getting more contemporaneous material or bits from further back -- notes on his past with steve fleming, for example, or where jamie's gone off to. Basically, I like what's here, but for the money I expect more.

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    Rob Corradi
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