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Practice Pro will assist you in learning to play your favorite songs on your musical instrument. You can easily adjust the playback speed or pitch independently. With a single swipe you can set up an endless loop of that challenging solo and practice until you master it.

You can add as many bookmarks to your songs as you want. Simply tap on them to quickly jump to the marked position. You won't have to seek through the songs looking for the interesting parts anymore. With the optional shake function you can also add new bookmarks by shaking your device.

Using the looping feature, you can select any part of the song and loop it. This is great, if you would like to transcribe or practice a certain part.

Practice Pro can easily import songs from your iPod library, or any other app that supports document sharing, such as Dropbox, iCloud Drive and more. The supported file types are mp3, m4a, aif and wav. Please note, that DRM-protected songs (m4p and audio books) cannot be imported.

Practice Pro supports playback in the background, so you can use other apps while listening to (speed or pitch modified) music. You can also use qualified iPhone accessories or speakers to remote control Practice Pro.
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App Store Reviews
Genora, 5 stars:

Love this app

s2bs2, 5 stars:

Love it

Apofire, 4 stars:

Works good! Does what it says it will!

Virginia Strat, 5 stars:

The app is the bomb!! It is so easy to use and to be able to slow the music down and to set book marks that will wrap has helped me greatly learn difficult riffs with my guitar. I couldn't have have learned these songs a easily without it. It is well worth the cost.

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