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Get MapAlarm today! The smart location-based reminder & social mapping tool is your all-in-one mapping solution:

* create location based reminders
* store & share your favorite locations
* share your position & tell your friends where you are via text, email or Twitter
* share locations via text, email or Twitter
* enjoy high resolution OpenStreetMaps as well as classic iOS maps
* once downloaded OpenStreetMaps are available offline
* zoom in with 1-finger double taps & zoom out with 2-finger double taps

Let your iPhone / iPad remember locations and tasks for you. Share your places with just a few taps!


* remember a cool spot (restaurant, store, sight ...) as you pass by and you'll never again have a hard time trying to recall where it was
* set an alert at the cheapest GAS STATION & don't forget to fill up for less
* collect your clean CLOTHES at the laundry you pass anyway while returning home
* place a reminder at your local ATM & never run out of CASH again
* save tourist SIGHTS in MapAlarm before going traveling - MapAlarm will show you where they are & remind you whenever you get close
* tell your friends where that great new restaurant is with just a few taps
* show where exactly you’re sitting in a park with GPS precision by text, email or Twitter
* mark DANGEROUS SPOTS in rivers like waterfalls before going canoeing
* place a MapAlarm at your DESTINATION when traveling by train or bus - don't oversleep the STATION where you have to get off

MapAlarm will help you whenever it comes to remembering places, sharing them & getting things done at certain locations.

PLEASE NOTE that for best results WIFI should be enabled. You needn't be connected to a wifi, of course - just leave the switch on.

MapAlarm will remind you even if your iPhone/iPad is idle or if you’re currently using a different app. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

DON'T WORRY about battery life! GPS is turned OFF by default. The arrow icon on top of your screen does not indicate that GPS is turned on but only location services in general. While in background MapAlarm uses battery-friendly wifi / cell tower positioning.

Your FEEDBACK is greatly appreciated! If you'd like to suggest a new feature or need help using MapAlarm - just contact us:

Twitter: @MapAlarm (follow for news & usage hints)

Have fun with MapAlarm!
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks WebKit MapKit Cocoa Touch Core Location
  • Mobile Features Push Notifications Other Location Graphics & Animation
Screenshots for MapAlarm - Store My Places, OpenStreetMaps, Send My Position, GPS Reminders Screenshots for MapAlarm - Store My Places, OpenStreetMaps, Send My Position, GPS Reminders Screenshots for MapAlarm - Store My Places, OpenStreetMaps, Send My Position, GPS Reminders
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App Store Reviews
i-Charly, 5 stars:

I tried a couple of GPS reminder apps ... Mapalarm is clearly my favorite. Great to see how the app gets better and better with every upgrade. I like the easy way to share my places ... and thanks for adding Openstreetmaps, that's a big plus.

Mczyzyk1981, 4 stars:

Please add a feature to be able to search for businesses, not just addresses... I have to switch between Maps and This App to get the address

mav8rick, 4 stars:

Allows u to switch to other apps while tracking

iByron, 4 stars:

First and foremost, it does what it says it's going to do. It does it well and cleanly. Three stars for that. Add a star for the battery saving tweaks which are a good plus. I see myself using this on long train trips or drives, and on commutes that can get delayed. The interface is a bit wonky which prevents this from being a five-star app. There are planty of ways to set a new "place" (location) including choosing from the Contacts, which frankly makes a lot of sense. Other location alarms don't do that or allow you to enter an address (which you do in Map Alarm by searching the map). The idea is you create "places" and you create "tasks" and link them together when you want an alarm. Trouble is "meta" data is tied to the place, when it would be better tied to the "task" (please call this "alert" or "alarm"). I either use the system default distance or set a specific distance for each place and that's the distance used regardless of the task. I may want to call my spouse to come to the station when I'm two miles away from home on the train, but call my teenager when I'm ten miles away so he has adequate time to get dressed for dinner. Or have a different distance for a similar task depending on whether I'm on the fast-moving train or the slow-moving bus. Currently I have to have all be the same distance because distance is tied to the place. It's also be nice if the distance was a wheel or something instead of set values (with a choice between metric and English). f not that, at least give the option to have whole distances in miles OR km (currently the whole numbers are km only and the English equivalent is given in feet…nobody thinks of long distances in feet). Those are niggles though. It works and the price is right. Looking forward to future improvements and updates.

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