This is not another Duck Hunt clone folks! Built from the ground up for iOS devices, Duck Shot is an amazing blend or retro style and modern gameplay.

Pull back on your huge slingshot and launch rocks at the flying ducks. Each duck you hit will drop coins or power-ups. Use lightning and fireballs to sizzle them! Getting them all won't be easy though. The wind will get stronger as you complete levels and your shots will curve. Smite multiple ducks to score combos, or use precise aim to hit pond ducks for big rewards. Whatever you do, don't let the ducks escape!

-Reached #1 overall app in Saudi Arabia!


-Complete objectives to upgrade your slingshot

-Collect awesome powerups

-Day & night cycle

-Dynamic wind, which can curve your shot

-Special enemy ducks

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App Store Reviews
rotstik, 4 stars:

Everything about this game, presentation-wise, makes you feel like you're smiting ducks on a NES Golf course. The gameplay is intuitive and addictive, with actual skill required to lead and land shots. The inclusion of challenges will have you playing to unlock upgrades, which gives it some legs. I wish the directional indicator also functioned as a power meter, as shooting distant pond ducks is a bit hit-and-miss. Currently, the risk outweighs the reward of trying for any pond duck aside from the nearest location. Game Center should to be integrated in the future, but this game doesn't scream "competition," and it didn't matter to me, personally. If you're looking for a simple yet challenging with classic gameplay and difficulty, you should give Duck Shot a look. Sadly, the generic title leads prospective buyers to assume it's yet another Duck Hunt clone.

The only avaliable username, 4 stars:

Fun, but there is one glitch that happens occasionaly and does not let me shoot. Other than that great game,and a good sountrack that reminds me of the Scott Pilgrim game for consoles

dhunch, 4 stars:

Surprisingly this app is a lot of fun.

nikola2tesla, 4 stars:

I'm impressed with retro style of this game. good graphics and nice sound to me!! The game content is so simple.... to kill ducks ASAP.... but, I think sling shot control doesn't seem to be immediate to me as intetional reloaded time applies. I think it would be better to shoot rocks fast and repeatedly without reloaded delay. As I am not slingshot mania, So I feel that it's somewhat difficult in the beginning....

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