Denominations is a useful currency converter.

Imagine you find yourself in a restaurant, touring a scenic country while on vacation. The server brings you the check, and you whip out your wallet. You pay the bill and then scratch your head, trying to figure out how much ‘real’ money you just spent.

Denominations enables you to think in another currency.

Pull out your iPhone, and Denominations shows you conversion rates from your native currency to the local one. Better than a calculator, Denominations shows you information you can understand at a glance.

Don’t have a data plan while you’re on vacation? No problem: Denominations downloads the latest conversion rates when you’re online, and doesn’t forget them if you don’t go online again.

You’ll love it!
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App Store Reviews
teamlazy3, 5 stars:

As a person who has traveled to exotic destinations (Canada, I'm looking at you), and bought things with money in said places, I cannot help but appreciate the sheer brilliance and simplicity of this app. Its practicality and ease of use speaks volumes as to the intelligence of its creator, and surely is indicative that he is a good looking fellow who dresses well.

mattweinberg, 5 stars:

This replaces all the little pieces of paper I used to carry around. Very well done!

Sevius, 5 stars:

Elegant currency converter that does exactly what it says on the box. (And nothing else.)

bhima, 5 stars:

It does what it is supposed to. No complaints.

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