Koko Math Free is the FREE, addition only, version of Koko Math.

Koko Math Free is a multi language* basic math trainer app where you can take tests in math. It supports Addition (+) tests. Tests will be conducted randomly following your settings.

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Koko Math full version supports:
- More operators (+/-/x/:)
- Times Tables
- Times Tables random order
- Saving settings in multiple profiles

*Supported languages: Dutch, Englisch, French, Deutsch, Spanish and Italian.

Koko Math Free supports three modes:
1. Answer mode (Classic, 3 + 3 = ?)
2. Parameter mode (? + 3 = 6, 3 + ? = 6)
3. Operator mode (3 ? 3 = 6)

The following test settings are supported:
- Mode selection
- Number of questions
- Timelimit per question in seconds.
- Retry option
- Operator selection and level.
- Sound

Test results can be sent by e-mail.
The own numeric keyboard can be swiped into left or right position.

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  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Quartz 2D Core Animation Cocoa Touch
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Version: 2  (Oct, 2011 - Oct, 2011)   Show More
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App Store Reviews
RosyBijou, 5 stars:

Great introduction to addition. I bought full version as my son enjoyed this & wanted to practice subtraction, multiplication & division. Nice neat app.

Official Team Members:

  • Beensoft
    Developer , Designer , Icon Designer , Graphics Designer