“ProSel® improved our efficiency with order entry. Our orders go straight into our ERP system. That leads to quicker fulfillment and faster sales. The sales reps love it!"


ProSel is a robust iPad order entry and catalog management app for any company with an outside sales force, such as wholesale distributors.

Industry leaders in foodservice, convenience store, jewelry, cosmetics, wine, spirits, and other industries rely on ProSel to capture over $5 billion in sales orders annually.

ProSel operates in a complete offline mode and stores all data locally on the iPad. This design allows ProSel to be highly configurable, fast and reliable.

Download the App Store version today and then contact Ai2 at or (312) 920-9366 to find out how ProSel can transform your company’s sales order entry.

“We will fill 50,000 order voids this year and place an additional $10 million in sales orders as a result of using ProSel.”

-Harold Levinson & Associates

Key features:
•Offline access to your entire price book, invoices, sales history, catalog and document portfolio
•Scan UPCs and barcode shelf labels for accurate order entry
•Bar code and shelf-tag printing
•Order by tapping on an image
•Global, customer-specific and special ‘order guides’
•Automate returns and credit orders
•Close an order with signature capture

ProSel is the only iPad ordering app that supports the integration of sales-out data into automated order guides. This allows your salespeople to generate an instant order containing the best-selling items that are missing from a customer’s store. Sales reps can also track the items missing from a manufacturer’s buying program.

With ProSel, your team can:

•Build orders from a customer’s sales history
•Order using multiple units of measure per item (case, each, etc.)
•Export and email the order acknowledgement to your customer with signature capture
•View and manage pre-book and future orders
•Send orders directly to your back-office ERP system

ProSel goes beyond order entry to give you a complete sales solution. Consider: 

•Instant messaging to your field reps
•Content management and remote document sync
•Display each item’s sales history by individual customer
•Supports item-specific pricing by customer
•Configuration and customization to your company's unique needs
•Display accounts receivable information your customers’ invoices
•One tap substitution for out of stock items

The version of ProSel is a free version of the full application. Your IT staff works with Ai2 to implement ProSel and customize it to your company’s needs.

Contact Ai2 toll free at (800) 835-3200 from the US, (877) 286-3804 from Canada.

From outside the United States, call +1 (312) 920-9366.

Visit, email or Tweet us @Ai2Software. We look forward to helping you increase your sales.
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App Store Reviews
EmilyLoCa111, 5 stars:

We implemented this product for our international sales force. They love it!

Loveandgossip, 5 stars:

Great app! Our sales team love it!

GoBigBlue99, 5 stars:

The search and browse is really fast, which helps you find an item a lot quicker than using a web app. I also like how easy it is to add items to the order. Looks like speed wins. Sharp on the mini too.

VampireFrank, 5 stars:

The best order entry and selling app I've seen for businesses that are larger and carry more inventory.

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