A new style of block-stacking action puzzle game, designed specifically for the iPad. Learn the ropes at Twin Hills Steel Mill while frantically keeping up with your workload of rising steel beams. Then, try your muscles competing against a friend or the CPU on each side of your iPad in the game's carefully balanced multiplayer mode. Fast-paced chain-oriented gameplay that's simple to learn but hard to master.

- Simple and addictive basic gameplay. Align two hearts of the same color to clear a beam, and don't let the stack reach the top!
- Perform combos and chains for extra time or to send attacks at your opponent.
- Realtime game engine. You can always continue placing beams no matter how much activity is happening on the board. Advanced players will discover many ways of extending chains even as they're ongoing!
- Both single-player and two-player modes available.
- Three characters: a strongman, a bear, and a robot. This is a proud, manly, all-American mill!
- Designed from the ground up for iPad!

- Endless Mode: Practice on your own as the stack of beams rises faster and faster.
- vs Compete against this nefarious robot to prove that man is still stronger than machine! He gets faster each time you beat him.
- Two players: Two players play at once on each side of the iPad. The better you play, the more scrap metal drops on your opponent! Two screen orientations are available, so that you can play side by side or across a table.

About us: we're a few friends who love the classic Japanese action puzzle games. We realized a large touchscreen would be the ideal input method for a game in that tradition, so we set out to make Steel Mill as a labor of love in our free time. We tried to polish it so that it's accessible to newcomers, but also remains balanced and compelling for players who become very fast and skilled at building chains. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we had making it.
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App Store Reviews
Nickname8426, 5 stars:

This game is so fun. Its like tetris and dr mario. I like to play alone or race a friend. I love it.

Hicksian, 5 stars:

very addictive!! it's a game like tetris, but simpler, also unique! thanks for making it free:)

Jay Civ, 5 stars:

I really enjoy this game. If you like tetris like puzzle games, you'll like it too. It's especially fun when playing against a friend. I played with an old friend from college and it brought back the same excitement we had playing puzzle bubble back then. Thanks for making it free!

Lord Gek, 5 stars:

It is all about the "touch & drag". Touch a spot on the screen to determine where the beam's heart (that star thingy) will start and then drag up, dow, left, or right to determine where the rest of the beam goes. If two or more same colored beams' hearts touch, the two beams will disappear. You need to prove your mega studlytude and toss girders about in such a way so as to bring the ever growing tower down to size. If playing against an opponent, clearing a bunch of girders all at once or causing a big chain reaction will give your opponent some extra grief!

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