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We are receiving some reports that the game is crashing In some devices. It seems to be something related to memory management within the devices. If you are experiecing these, please try to reset your device. If the problem persists, please contact us @ jogability{at}


Everybody likes ice cream. But some people...would fight for it!

Are you a bad enough dude to help Mr. Freezy defend his factory against these nutty addicts that will do anything to eat as much ice cream they can?! Throw sundaes, ice pops and cones in this really addictive game and don't let them win!

-Know the enemy!
These 8 types of addicts desperately want to get to Mr. Freezy’s factory at the end of the road to eat all that deliciously yummy ice cream. For free?! Can't let that happen and ruin his business!

-Move that truck!
Lead a nostalgic ice cream truck by just using the accelerometer inside your device. It's easy and really intuitive! Just avoid some obstacles on the road and don’t let addicts get too close to your truck!

-It's ice cream they want? So that's what they'll get!
Touch the screen anywhere to shoot! You have infinite cones as default weapon but you can boost your munition getting power-ups. Just knock down the backpack chubby to receive an ice pop machine-gun, a triple cone shoot or a powerful sundae as weapons. They won't resist such a delight coming straight into their mouths!

-Compete with your friends!
Online leaderboards powered by Scoreloop! Check your ranking on 3 different leaderboards: Global, Country and 24 hours! You can also submit you scores on Facebook and find out who defended Mr. Freezy kingdom longer!

-Cute graphics and addictive music!
Funny sound effects and creative design makes this game a non-stop experience!

So what are you waiting for? Get up on that ice cream truck and begin shooting ice cream all over the place! Mr. Freezy will be forever grateful!
  • Mobile Features Accelerometer
Screenshots for Ice Cream Run Screenshots for Ice Cream Run Screenshots for Ice Cream Run Screenshots for Ice Cream Run Screenshots for Ice Cream Run
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App Store Reviews
Lulu233, 4 stars:

Awesome but the fat people run too fast and it amazing my fav is the Chinese fat guy!!! Totally only deserves 4 good, but not good enough.

j_ballin, 5 stars:

This game is absolutely excellent. Love it!!!

Danielbh, 5 stars:

Parabéns pelo jogo.

Sortabella83, 5 stars:

Fun concept, good graphics. Keeper

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