Bring the people back into gaming!

Tap4Two allows you to compete with your friends face to face on one iPhone!
We believe that people should be brought together by gaming. Show your friends that gaming can be social. Feel the adrenaline rush once again!

Wide variety of challenges keep the game fun.
Crisp HD graphics keep it beautiful. We take full advantage of the Retina display!

In Tap4Two players compete together on one phone to tell who’s the most quick-witted. You will need fast reflexes and sharp mind to win. Tap your button to solve the challenge, and better do it before your competitor.

You can choose levels to play to your liking.

Available levels:
1) We’re starting easy on you - who spots the right number first?
2) Linguistic challenge - be the first to spot a set of letters which can be transposed to make a given word.
3) Level of tranquility - watch as our proud sunflower looses its petals - but don’t get too mellow - you’ll have to tap when it sheds enough.
4) Watchmakers revenge - tap when you see the given time on our analog watch - but watch out, it’s in constant move!
5) Petrolhead challenge - sure you know all the cars?
6) My balls - lost a few - spot my set of balls first!
7) More balls! - sure it’s the same set? Tap on, you’ll find out!

Great game to show off to your friends in a pub!

More levels coming soon.

Watch the game-play video at
Screenshots for Tap4Two - for two players Screenshots for Tap4Two - for two players Screenshots for Tap4Two - for two players Screenshots for Tap4Two - for two players Screenshots for Tap4Two - for two players
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Version History:
Version: 1  (Mar, 2011 - Jul, 2011)   Show More
App Store Reviews
TTOSDanny, 5 stars:

It's hard to find one-phone multiplayer games that aren't just passed back and forth. This game is pretty fun if you only have one iPhone. I would like a greater variety of challenges, but you can't beat it for $0.99. Just to clarify, yes, two people hold the phone between them and play at the same time. Good stuff. It's become a basic necessity as far as my apps go.

Official Team Members:

  • Marcin Mincer
    Marcin Mincer
    Designer , Project Manager , PR & Marketing
  • Tomek Kopczuk
    Tomek Kopczuk
    Developer , Project Manager , PR & Marketing