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Business Productivity

WARNING • MyStats tracking will disappoint you.

It will disappoint if used to see what is “wrong.”

There’s no wrong though, only change, and an awareness that naturally makes positive change.

Being aware of where time is spent, progress made towards goals, and how results compare to last week or month is positive, regardless of results.

What do you want to do more of? Record it! Own it!
#1 Ranked Business App in Japan (multi-times!)
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App Store Reviews
Yeldarb42, 4 stars:

Would like to be able to import my calendar into the app; perhaps via iCloud.

Quemaqua, 4 stars:

Does a lot, but also requires you to spend a little time figuring out how to use it and how to apply its features to your goals. Very useful in the right hands, though. Highly recommended.

Swimmer-Bear, 4 stars:

Like that I can see a chart of what is happening for month. Wished ot had better help system as it was tough to learn with no reference to look back on. Also wish it had a option to look at say a daily and weekly pie chart. Besides this a great program.

kaoide, 5 stars:

I've tried a few apps like this, and this is the only one I continued to use after week 1. The tutorial was helpful in getting started. The app looks nice, and the compact menu screen makes it easy to quickly record as you work. The app is very adaptable and allows for the tracking of many activities without complexity. I also like the ability to enter data for past days.

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