EzPills is a great tool that will help you Remind your Pills or Events at anytime and anywhere, in a fast, funny, and easy way.
It does not matter in which app you are in, EzPills will Remind you if you have something pending in that precise moment.

EzPills Features:

-Create 3 type of Reminders:
·Frequency Reminder
·Weekly Reminder
·Specific Dates Reminder

-Shake to create, shake to clear... Fun and easy.

-Take a picture for your Reminder using your device camera, or just choose a picture from your stored images.

-Create multiple user profiles, you can use your device camera too.

-Create and view Reminders for each user separately.

-Enable or disable your Reminders at anytime.

-Choose from 5 different chimes to set to each Reminder.

-Enable or disable shake gestures with one touch.

-Add a Doctor to your Reminder, and if you use an iPhone, call him right on the way!.

-Add Notes to your Reminders, you can text whatever you need.

-Add a Drugstore, and if you use an iPhone, call them right on the way!.

-”Today” Tab with all the Reminders of the present day.

You must not  rely on this application only to take your pills or handle your events.
EzPills is an entertainment tool, and is not a professional pill schedule in anyway.
Please visit us on
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Cocoa Touch
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Version History:
Version: 1  (Mar, 2011 - May, 2013)   Show More
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andresdavid90, 4 stars:

I just love it.

Rukairo, 5 stars:

thia it's a really good app,it also help to remind my daily schedule!!

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