History abounds on the Boomtown Trail! From the natural beauty of Dry Island Buffalo Jump, to the historic adventure of St. Ann Ranch and The alberta Prairie Steam Train, there's always something to see and do. Over a century ago, Boomtown Trail communities sprang to life almost overnight spurred on by the expansion of the railways. This rapid development led to a very distinctive style of architecture, characterized by a grandly designed front covering a more humble building behind it. Known as "boomtown" architecture, it was typical of many buildings in the North American west at the turn of the 20th century. Today, it is becoming more and more of a rarity to see it anywhere other than in the movies.
The Boomtown Trail will take you on a tour of dozens of historic sites. You'll be able to visit sites that honor local history including restored sites and museums. You will also find wonderful natural areas as the region encompasses aspen parkland, prairie and badlands geography.
And there's always something to do along the Boomtown Trail. From events such as the Big Valley Jamboree and the many local rodeos to extreme sports like skydiving and paintball games, every taste can be satisfied at some point along the trail. Golfers, meanwhile, will have no trouble finding a tee time: there are 18 courses in the area to take advantage of.
With so much to see and do on the Boomtown Trail, isn¹t it time you came and explored it for yourself?

Plan your trip to the Boomtown Trail. Use a combination of the GeoRoamer Boomtown app to easily navigate Tours, Locations and even create your own Trip. Research, plan and document your trip, lodging and camping adventures by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and through email. 

Let GeoRoamer Boomtown make your travel experience fumble-free eliminating maps, travel publications and programming GPS devices. GeoRoamer Boomtown will guide you along the Boomtown trail with points of interest highlighted with an audio tour that turns on automatically using the GPS on your mobile device. You'll be able to create your own tour or follow along one of the already created tours in GeoRoamer Boomtown. This all-in-one app will tell you where you are, where you're going, what's near and how far to the next point. GeoRoamer Boomtown will guide you along the Boomtown Trail and audibly alert you to the points of interest you have selected to learn more about, taking you back through time and telling the tale of a time not long ago when things were booming.

You can journal and share you experiences along the Boomtown Trail by storing photos and videos collected along the way and uploading them when you're connected back to the Internet and your Facebook, Twitter or email account.

Download with Wi-Fi
To make sure you get all the data that we have built into the app for your use, be sure to download the app when you have a good wi-fi signal. Go to settings and update the database to complete the download and then begin to customize the app for your next adventure.

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
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Great App!! Lots of information. Love the Follow Me function!

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I don't know how much money i've given to Frommers for their books or how much bookshelf space they've taken up. But if there are more apps like this, i think it will give Frommers a run for their money. I have played with this for a little, but now that i know a few more people in Calgary, this has given me more reason to travel. I had no idea there were so many dinosaurs in Canada (who knew?) but i've got a road trip to plan! Keep it up!

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This is so cool - I love learning the history of places and this app looks like it is going to be an awesome tool for our travels in Canada this summer!! I love the audio clips and the GPS tracking. Are there going to be more locations?? Hope so.

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Every place should have a guide the quality of this one.

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