+++ What does ForeverSave 2 do? +++
ForeverSave 2 auto-saves all documents you’re working on while simultaneously doing backup versioning in the background. Lost data can be quickly restored at any time.

+++ No more data loss. +++
Losing data, caused by application crashes or unintentional overwriting is exasperating and unnecessary. ForeverSave 2 is your new lifesaver that protects you from all kinds of disasters. 
Define your preferred time interval and ForeverSave 2 automatically saves and backs up all documents you’re currently working on. Add as many applications to ForeverSave's library as you want and you’ll no longer need to manually save any of your documents.

+++ Restore your documents. +++
Each time documents are saved - either manually by yourself or automatically by ForeverSave 2 - a version of the document is created which allows you to browse through a complete version history of the documents you have  been working on. Just pick the version you desire and ForeverSave 2 shows you a Quick Look preview of the file. Besides restoring your documents to a destination of your choice or by drag & drop, ForeverSave 2 lets you automatically replace a faulty original document by an earlier working version from the backups.

+++ Configure ForeverSave 2 to fit your workflow. +++
No matter what kind of documents you’re a dealing with, a wide range of settings allow ForeverSave 2 to perfectly adapt to your personal workflow. Save disk space by excluding documents with large file sizes, limit the number of maximum versions of a document or restrict backup creation to certain file extensions, such as .txt or .psd. Every individual case can be set up in ForeverSave 2.

+++ What’s new in version 2.0 +++
ForeverSave 2 has been completely re-written from the ground up and now features universal auto-save and backup versioning for all document-based applications.
Enjoy an all new user interface that benefits from all advantages of a one-window layout. Don't forget to check out the entirely new designed configuration center. Adjusting the auto-save timer and all versioning settings takes you only a few seconds.

+++ Decide for the better. +++
Since Apple introduced auto save and versions in OS 10.7 Lion, the question to be answered is obvious: Is ForeverSave 2 better than Lion’s built-in auto save/versions? Yes, it is and the following top three reasons show you why.

1. Because applications have to implement the required Lion auto save APIs before they are ready to work with the system, Lion is currently supporting only a handful of applications. Among many other applications, even big players like Microsoft Office 2011 and Adobe Creative Suite CS5 are still incompatible with Lion's auto save, whereas ForeverSave 2 is working perfectly with all of them.

2. To view and restore versions of your documents in Lion, you need to have the file open in the application first. What if there is no restore button because the file itself can no longer be opened because it was accidentally deleted or overwritten? ForeverSave 2 does its job where Lion keeps failing.

3. Lion lets you view versions of just one document at once. There is no way to browse through version histories of different documents of different applications. In contrast to ForeverSave 2, Lion's auto save and version features aren't any helpful when working on several projects at once.
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