Play 4 brain teasing logic games - Sudoku | Killer Sudoku | MathDoku | X-Sudoku - with thousands of puzzles.

Don't get stuck - 9 digits' helpers guide your next move and teach you solution strategies.

• choose levels from beginner to master
• easily enter digits and pencil marks
• get step-by-step hints for your next move
• unique solutions, no guessing needed
• plenty of settings to tweak your game experience
• no ads

9 digits was created by Ivonne & Marcus who love to play logic games.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Quartz 2D Core Animation Cocoa Touch
  • Mobile Features Graphics & Animation
Screenshots for 9 digits - sudoku variations Screenshots for 9 digits - sudoku variations Screenshots for 9 digits - sudoku variations Screenshots for 9 digits - sudoku variations
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Version History:
Version: 1  (Jul, 2011 - May, 2014)   Show More
App Store Reviews
lookwhatihavefound, 5 stars:

This is a real tool for players that are serious about Sudoku. There are many many puzzles at many skill levels. The amazing, amazing hint system actually teaches you how to play better. The app is super smooth and responsive at all times. No competition.

west3433, 4 stars:

Very well designed puzzles, but the sliding input method often causes me to accidentally erase previously chosen digits. Need an alternate input method or way to lock choices Add: I am giving an extra star because the input method on the iPad is not bad. I still erase possible numbers at times, but not as frequently. The puzzles themselves, esp. the ken ken are very challenging

SH in WI, 5 stars:

This deserves to be more popular! Lots of puzzles in the App Store are computer-generated, but you can tell these are handmade. Excellent! Interface is clean and professional. Optional hints for those who like, and those who don't can shut the hint system off. This is the best KenKen I've found so far. It's nice to have Killer Sudoku included also. I hope that a future release might include larger KenKen (up to 9 by 9 would be super, and fitting with the "9 digits" name) and maybe a re-skin choice. I can see why Mr. Wagner went for colored digits, but I usually prefer a black-on-white scheme. Update: I bought several of the extra puzzle packs when they cost a few dollars. Well worth it. Now that the dev has generously made them free, this app gives you a large number of really nice puzzles. Very kind!

greenleesh, 5 stars:

Love this app. So many different variations on sudoku plus the ken-ken ones. Difficulty is definitely more challenging then other similar app's. That killer sudoku can really give a headache thinking so hard!

Official Team Members:

  • Marcus Wagner
    Marcus Wagner
    Developer , Designer , Graphics Designer , Project Manager , PR & Marketing
  • Ivonne Engemann
    Ivonne Engemann
    Developer , Designer