Beautiful Unique is about a business frame called Stellar®.
Whether as an individual or a multi-national, we all have the capability of bringing unique value into the world. The Stellar business frame enables you to clearly identify the value that you uniquely create, and to design the right business plans and strategies that will make that value-creation sustainably profitable.
Stellar identifies the twelve core capabilities by which you create unique value.
The more you live within your unique capabilities, the greater your creation of value in the world. How well are you living your value-creating capabilities?
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!ntegrator, 5 stars:

It's great to have Stellar finally in an app. Stellar is an extremely elegant and wonderful tool for understanding individuals and organisations in the round. It's getting huge endorsement. The creators of the app have done a big service in providing us with it. What you use it for is to understand the all-round characteristics of the organisation or yourself whether you're a start-up or big business, a social entrepreneur, sole trader or a big business leader. You can also see where you need to do work. It takes a bit of focus to use. It's not a fun tool, it's an empowering tool, and that creates its own enjoyment.

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