Stop the contamination! Eliminate the spreading virus!

Contaminate is a simple and fun puzzle game where you must destroy all the viruses from the field. And how do you do that? Just click on the field to spawn more viruses, if two viruses hit each other, they both die!

-Simple one-button gameplay: Just click on the field and stop the contamination!
-Three different enemies: They might look cute, but it's your job to eliminate them!
-Easy, Normal and Hard modes: Try go beat them all!
-Tower Mode: It gets harder with every level you pass, can you make it to the top?
-Relaxing music: To help you relax while you think how to beat them!
-Online leaderboards: Compete with players around the world!

Don't let the virus spread, stop the contamination!
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App Store Reviews
Echronos, 5 stars:

Great app! Really simple and challenging. The graphics are pretty good and the puzzle really makes you think! I recommend this :)

Super Doft, 5 stars:

This is a very fun game! The visual is nice and pleasing, the music is good, and the gameplay is smooth and addictive! It may be hard at first, but once you get the hang of it you can submit your score to see how well you did against the rest of the world!

FarOutGeek, 5 stars:

For those geeks who at some time programmed 'John Conway's Game of Life' cellular automaton just for the fun of it, you'll discover some of the same patterns, including the infamous 'glider'. Certainly addictive with an enjoyable music track to eat up the hours.

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