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★★★★★ ActionShot - Capture the action with your iPhone.

ActionShot lets you shoot any movement and turn it into a sequence shot. Capturing the course of an action in a single image, it gives you shots to show off. And the best part- with ActionShot, you can do it all from your iPhone.

And the second best part- it’s free!


☼ Works best outdoors or in bright light (true for most action photography).

☃ Keep the camera steady when taking the burst of pictures.

✂ Highlight the subject with your finger in the picture you want to capture in the sequence.

☝☝ Tap screen twice to erase the highlight and start over.

♥ ActionShot isn’t perfect. And neither are you. Practice and just have fun.

❅ Come see us in Montreal if you want to experience what -40c feels like.


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App Store Reviews
CaNNoN MaPP, 4 stars:

Could use some improvements.

TJ BMX, 4 stars:

It's exactly what I wanted but I wish I could take videos from from mt camera roll and also save finished pictures to the camera roll.

P0is1, 4 stars:

I like it very much...but the image quality is poor and it only takes 5 shots..

random guy with itunes, 4 stars:

Works like a charm. But I have and idea. You can take a video, and then select frames from that video to highlight and include in the final shot. That way you don't have to worry about going through its line of view at the right time/speed.

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