The Squigs are back!

QUICK, HIGHLY ADDICTIVE PUZZLE GAME: control and eliminate the falling columns of Squigs by rearranging them into vertical, horizontal and diagonal groups. As the game speeds up, metal blocks, bombs and TNT add to the excitement as you master the levels.

AWESOME RETRO GAME: A revamp of the 90s Amiga classic, Squigs, for the iPhone and iPad offers improved game play, updated soundtrack, and high definition characters. This casual game is fun for all users— HOURS OF FUN FOR ALL AGES, from dedicated fans to new players.

COMPETE WITH OTHER PLAYERS: Share your high scores through Apple Game Center as you gain achievements and try to beat your friends’ high scores and compete on the world leader boards.


✔ iPhone 5 Full Screen Gaming

✔ Retina Support on iPad 3/4 and iPhone 4/5

✔ iPad Mini Support
✔ Universal iPad and iPhone support

✔ Saves game on interruptions or pause

✔ Easy to pickup, hard to master

✔ Addictive puzzle fun

✔ Multiple difficulty levels

✔ Unique DJ produced music track

✔ One thumb iPhone play

✔ Achievements

✔ Challenge your friends’ scores

✔ Game Centre enabled

✔ In game help

✔ Ability to listen personal music during game
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Analytics SDK Flurry
  • Mobile Features Game Center In-app Purchases Audio & Video Graphics & Animation
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Version History:
Version: 1  (Nov, 2011 - Jan, 2013)   Show More
App Store Reviews
Fivetide, 5 stars:

Maddeningly addictive and I can't get the tune out of my head. One thing - when a game is paused, clicking Restart starts the game from scratch without warning (I thought it would resume - my fault, but sad on my best ever score!)

Creative Beanz, 5 stars:

Only had this game for a week but my thumb is blistered already! It's perfect for playing on the bus or tube on the way to work or sneaking in a cheeky session under my desk ;o)

Bubbleinsights, 5 stars:

Love this new version of the game! Thanks for bringing it back.

Edfielduk, 5 stars:

Great works squigs folk!

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