Creators: Tom Duscher & Marcus Kirsch

Sounddropper is a location based audio service for the urban space. Having a special song for your special lady in that place? Drop it there. You are a local artist that wants to audio graffiti your neighbourhood? Drop it there. A band releasing a special song just for the people at your gig? Drop it there.
Sounddropper currently supports Soundcloud, which means all your Soundcloud library is available on Sounddropper as well. For non-Soundcloud users, no problem. Pick one from the Top 5 songs or search for the song you like.

For audio explorers, just switch on Sounddropper's Discover mode whenever you walk down a road and it will automatically play the nearest songs. Sounddropper is about places and the music that belongs to places.


Tom Duscher & Marcus Kirsch
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Version: 1  (Aug, 2011 - Nov, 2011)   Show More
App Store Reviews
Xzyto, 5 stars:

It shows you any where you need!!!

caliglo, 5 stars:

I love the fact that I have now a way to relate music with a geographical location...

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