"David and Goliath, the Masterpiece!" (Top 10 App Award)

Inspire your children’s creativity and imagination with the award winning David and Goliath animated storybook app, a truly interactive reading experience. Bring David and Goliath’s legendary battle to life with stunning 3D animation, interactive games and activities in an educational iPad app that’s won the editor’s choice award from BestAppsforKids and a top ten app award from Apps4Kids.
Suitable for children of all ages, your children will learn how good can triumph over evil through David and Goliath’s engaging activities, games and animations that will stimulate their creativity and imagination.

"It's like watching a Disney production!" (Editor's Choice)

"The app is outstanding...a must download"

***Key Features***
•Narrated by Modern Day David, David Eckstein, 2006 World Series MVP
•Educational, Interactive Games and Activites
•Stunning 3D Animation and Creative Characters
•Inspirational David and Goliath story
•Suitable for All Ages with ‘Read to Me’ or ‘Read It Myself’ Options
Screenshots for David and Goliath for the iPad (The MVP Edition) Screenshots for David and Goliath for the iPad (The MVP Edition) Screenshots for David and Goliath for the iPad (The MVP Edition) Screenshots for David and Goliath for the iPad (The MVP Edition) Screenshots for David and Goliath for the iPad (The MVP Edition)
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App Store Reviews
mcneesek, 5 stars:

From the moment you open David & Goliath, the new story book developed for the iPad from new app developer Jumping Pages, you know you're in for a treat. From the gentle movement of the clouds to the flag blowing in the wind and the sweeping opening soundtrack, your attention is instantly captivated. Thankfully, David & Goliath does not disappoint as you get into the classic story. You have two options when you open the app, "Read To Me" or "Read it Myself." The "Read To Me" option in the SE edition ($4.99 in iTunes) is narrated by David Eckstein, 2006 World Series Most Valuable Player and two-time World Series champion. In addition to the engaging story, the developer spent plenty of time making the stories' beautiful pictures come to life on the page through animation and interaction. The story book is filled with stirring 3D animation and engaging interactivity that brings to life David and Goliath's epic battle. The reader can interact with the story through dozens of activities, including catapulting flaming projectiles (which never gets old), defeating a lion and a bear, taking aim at Goliath, and joyfully tossing David in the air after his victory. The soundtrack is epic in scope, matching the theme of the story and giving added ambiance to an already amazing presentation. My only criticism is the ability to pause the "Read To Me" version in the middle of the page. In the "Read It Myself" version, you can read at your pace, but there's no option to pause in the middle of a page if your following along. As a father with young children, I'm used to constant distractions interrupting story time, and this is almost a necessity for any productive iPad read, especially with the longer narrative on some pages. It is nice that you have to manually flip each page allow further discussion and time spent with the animation if needed. The app offers many options, found with a toolbar that's accessed in the middle bottom of the screen. You can return to the home page, skip to any page in the book, toggle music, voice and help screens off/on, change the language of the app and skip to the credits, which includes an audio closure by Ashley Eckstein, wife of the narrator. Overall, I was incredibly impressed with this eBook for the iPad. This is a beautiful and engaging piece of art wrapped around a classic story of faith and courage! It's so nice to see a faith-based app amp up the quality and production to this level. I hope to see more stories come alive from Jumping Pages. —Kevin McNeese,

bendy72, 5 stars:

I love this story, just bought it as a gift for my little nephew and niece - they loved it !!!! Really easy to use and a great way to tell a story. Highly recommend it !!!

Dazduz, 5 stars:

Very high quality animation and interactivity! I would definitely recommend this app.

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