Truco is a game played in different countries each one with a unique style. This game is based on the card game Truco that is played in Venezuela. In this version the user can play with 3 robots or with 3 other users connected in Game Center.

The goal of this game is to reach 24 or 30 points (the user can choose) by making bets and using the best cards based on the Truco scale.

In Venezuela, a "Vira" card is used that changes some rules in the scale (this is explained in the instructions). In order to not use this option the "Sin Vira 30 piedras" game option should be selected.

Increase your bets, make your truco calls and enjoy this venezuelan style card game!

This venezuelan version of Truco uses the "Vira" card which changes the scale of the Truco game. We recommend using the option "Sin Vira 30 piedras" so the game is more similar to the game that is played in Argentina.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Cocoa Touch
  • Analytics SDK AppAnnie
  • Mobile Features Graphics & Animation
Screenshots for Truco! Screenshots for Truco! Screenshots for Truco! Screenshots for Truco!
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Version: 2  (Oct, 2013 - Apr, 2014)   Show More
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Unomasdel, 4 stars:

Es bastante entretenida, se puede mejorar, sin embargo no le resta meritos.

Martin!!!, 5 stars:

Excellent app, easy to use and works perfectly! I loved it!

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