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Designed for anglers of any and all species, this app is the best fishing log ever.

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Big Carp collects all of the data and memories that you decide are important to you- look back at your logs and apply what you've learned for more success in your fishing!

Easily record live sessions that display notes, catch data, photos and tackle changes alongside automatically downloaded local weather data defined by GPS. It's all saved in an easy to interpret session timeline for future reference. You can even import screenshots from other fishing apps. Import old catch photos to your library too- have your entire collection of trophy photos on-hand wherever you go. Back it all up to iCloud and transfer your data between multiple devices.

Add your own venues, your own baits and tackle, your catches and the details you decide are important about them. Sort it all later by date, by venue and many other ways.

Only enter what matters to you- nothing is required. You can just list the days you are on the water or get super nerdy and record every tackle change and photos of every fish you catch- it's up to you!
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App Store Reviews
Carpstar316, 5 stars:

This is the the best fishing log I have ever owned, & trust me I have owned a lot of them?:( this one will record everything you want to record & is very simple to use, would highly recommend!

Bass First, 5 stars:

If you like to keep a fishing log this is pretty neat. There's a lot in there and it took me a little while to get the hang of it. I still have not used all the features. You can import screenshots from other apps to your logs. That is very useful to me for adding depth contour maps and tidal conditions from the other fishing apps I use. It should be pretty helpful to have all of that to look back on anytime I am out on the water. That is once I have used it for a while. Maybe I'll add info from old fishing notebooks this winter. I wish there were some tutorials.

BlueWingedOliveNymph, 5 stars:

I don't really like carp but I added all of my trout and salmon photos. It is awesome having my fish photo collection with me all the time - along with all the flies I caught them on!

Aisha Fishes, 5 stars:

This app is great! I used to carry around a pocket calendar to use as my fishing journal, but now I use this.

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