SnapRuler is the first on-screen measuring tool which gets the job done.

Compatible with the Retina display and all versions of OS X from Yosemite to Snow Leopard!

# SnapRuler was awarded MacFormat Editors' Choice. #

# Reliable, usable and affordable; essential for jobbing digital designers. #
— Craig Grannell, MacFormat

# If you’re a full time designer or developer, get ready to have your mind blown. #
— Harrison Weber, The Next Web

# I was faced with the task of redesigning a website. This task required lots of on-screen measurements (...). After some searching, I found SnapRuler. #
— Kelly Hodgkins, Daily Mac App column, TUAW

# Loving @snaprulerapp! If you design interfaces - this is priceless! #
— Navjot Pawera, co-founder of Extra Thought

Two clicks – and boom – the dimensions you want are in your clipboard.
One more – image of the measured area is in your folder.
That quick.

Need to measure size of anything – on PDFs, PNGs, JPGs – as long as you can see it – it’ll get it done.

Need a screenshot of measured area? Just one click and it’s done.

If you work on print design, interior design, architecture or art projects SnapRuler will be a perfect match for you! Thanks to the brand new Actual Size Mode, you can now measure real-life objects, such as artboard dimensions or room space.

We don’t show you life-like rulers on the screen – that’s old, we’re new.

To deliver the best experience ever – we started from scratch. You want to get your objects measured – not to measure them.

We made the most accurate, pixel-perfect ruler – with SnapRuler you know exactly where your measurements start and end. Plus it works great on new Retina displays.

Press the ⇧ key – SnapRuler will instantly snap to the nearest edges and corners. Using highly tuned algorithms SnapRuler knows where they are (some rounded ones too!).

Missed it? Don’t worry - you can always fine tune your last action using arrow keys. Or undo it – with secondary mouse button. That easy.

We worked hard to make sure your measurements are as quick as they can get.

Our Loupe magnifies the screen around the pointer to make sure you get your measurement just right. And it won’t steal your precious screen space though – it won't obstruct anything you might want to see.

SnapRuler floats above your windows, ready to instantly measure anything on your screen. Press ⎋ or ⌘⇥ – it goes away, press ⇧⌘U, or click the dock icon – it’s back, ready to do the task at hand. That easy.

SnapRuler works with Photoshop!

√ measure any element visible on your screen
√ upgraded to work astonishingly well on the Retina display
√ snaps to the edges and corners, including many rounded corners
√ instantly copy measured dimensions to the clipboard with just one click (in HTML, CSS, CoreGraphics, sass, Rails, JavaScript, ActionScript and Quartz)
√ works great on two or more displays
√ grabs a screenshot of measured area with just one click
√ hold down ⌃ to enhance cursor precision
√ pixel-perfect screen ruler
√ thanks to the new Actual Size Mode, you can set up your own units and measure real-life objects using e.g. meters or inches (great for print designers, interior designers, architects and artists)
√ hotkey to start measuring immediately
√ loupe that magnifies a part of the screen under your cursor, with nothing to obstruct your view, to make sure you operate on actual pixels
√ hold ⌘ while taking a screenshot to copy image straight to your clipboard
√ press ⌥ to display guides – great for measuring font size
√ use arrow keys to refine your last action
√ secondary mouse button instantly undoes it
√ well-thought, user-friendly and visually delicious interface
√ start measuring in a blink
√ extremely lightweight, uses almost none system resources and runs blazingly fast
√ works with OS X Yosemite, Mavericks, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard
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Official Team Members:

  • Tomek Kopczuk
    Tomek Kopczuk
    Developer , Project Manager , User Acquisition , PR & Marketing
  • Developer , Project Manager , PR & Marketing