A vibration analyzer that collects and analyzes vibration signals of industrial machinery. The app should be connected to an Accelerometer to acquire the vibration signal. A full accelerometer and DAQ box is needed for vibration readings. (inquire at GTI Predictive Technology) **** WIRELESS ACCELEROMETER IS ALSO AVAILABLE ****

- Frequency analysis
- FFT and Waveform Plots
- Generates complete report including RMS, peak values, machine pictures, severity plots, notes
- Route measurement option
- Edit each point settings for data collection
- Email reports and data
- Online database using Dropbox to manage and organize collected signals for different machines from different devices
- Can be synchronized to the VibeProViewer Mac app or to our WebApp to remotely monitor the overal value of the vibration for each machine, the spectrum and other details
- Bearing fault frequency calculator
- Markers on the spectrum for bearing frequencies, RPM, high peak and harmonics
  • Developer Environments Xcode
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App Store Reviews
CC Label, 5 stars:

Integration of photos into my vibration report is an excellent idea. It is true the picture is worth 1000 words especially when you're looking back on what you measured.

Dash7476, 5 stars:

Great features and it is easy to use

Weby3, 5 stars:

Provides comprehensive analysis. Report features are great

Coop820, 5 stars:

This app is great. The user interface is friendly and easy to learn. The best part for me is the report feature where you can add pictures, notes etc.

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