Version 1.3 Update!

Added rhyming algorithm.
Added ability to send wacky word texts to friends.
Vastly increased the available vocabulary for making wacky words


Wacky Words, YA'LL

Have a good sense of humor? Enjoy randomness? Looking for inspiration, new ideas, or lyrics for your songs?

Wacky words uses a random sentence generation algorithm to provide you with a bounty of interesting sentences. Some are silly, some are strange, and some are insightful.

BEAT WRITERS BLOCK! - Get inspiration from Wacky Words.

Choose to activate Alliteration Mode to generate random sentences that are even more fun to say. Or try Rhyming mode to generate goofy sentences that rhyme!

ADD YOUR FIRST NAME to the sentences to place yourself in random situations described by these interesting sentences.

Or use Questions Only Mode and ponder away.

Oh, and this app also turns your iPhone into a time machine, so...

(That's a joke, it is does not turn your iPhone into a time machine. But what if it did?!)
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App Store Reviews
Tpark49, 5 stars:

How does hilarious Wile e. Coyote mechanically sail?

Jenduro, 5 stars:

Sweet game bro

Regisfilbin, 5 stars:

This app most definitely turned my phone into a time machine. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Nico1998, 5 stars:

I love this app. Good for the laughs.

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