Hip Hop Trivia/Adventure game for the Iphone, Ipad, & the Ipod Touch

Hip Hop To Heaven is the challenging yet highly addictive Hip Hop Trivia game . Unlike other trivia games that just give you a few questions and a timer, Hip Hop To Heaven has a real story line.

You play the role of an MC who decided to sell his soul for the money and fame, turning his back on the true ethics and morals of Hip Hop. You now must climb up to the gates of Heaven, and attempt to reclaim your soul, or your Hip Hop career as an MC is finished forever.

There are 100 steps to reach Heaven. Be careful though, there are only 10 negative steps until you fall into Hell.
You will be given 3 levels to choose from for each question . Hard(5 Steps), Medium(3 Steps) and Easy(1 Step).
You will rise and fall the number of steps based on the level you choose. You also receive points for each question.

Once you reach Heaven(which is admittedly difficult), you will have to answer a question about one of Hip Hop's many fallen Soldiers

With thousands and thousands of questions in our database and continuously adding to it, you will be hard pressed to see the same question twice.

Hip Hop To Heaven is a must have for the Hip Hop purist as well as the young fan who will without a doubt learn a thing or two while playing

With Excellent graphics and thematics, head nodding beats, Hip Hop To Heaven is a must have for any Hip Hop Enthusiast.

You can also satisfy your competitive nature, by competing with fellow Hip Hop To Heaven users. Your High score will be sent to, where you will be place in our World Wide Rankings
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Cocoa Touch
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App Store Reviews
el_llama, 5 stars:

Yo! This game is phat like Cindy Krawford. I normally listen to a mix of blue grass country, reggae, and Yanni (blame my upbringing), but I needed to see this game when I heard about it. Yo! Wow! Ack! What a fly experience ... to quote Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman ... it was so good, "I nearly peed in my pants!" Nice job, dogz!

Born dirty, 5 stars:

It turns out I haven't even scratched the surface! Dope game!

Elizabeth Beaudry, 5 stars:

for 2012 I am going to be showing all of you fools who has the most hip hop knowledge!!!! get money!!

Kuruptlon, 5 stars:

If you love hip hop and you love trivia there is no question you should get this game.

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