▻ Let SCOtutor for Mac show you how to get the most out of your Mac.
▻ Over 75 lessons with over 2 hours of HD video tutorials - "... Perfect App for Learning the Mac"
▻ SCOtutor Apps have over 500 five star reviews worldwide including...

★★★★★ "Perfect App for Learning the Mac! - Don McAllister from ScreenCastsOnline is the master of video screencasts for the Macintosh. In just a few hours time, this SCOtutor for Mac will teach you everything you need to know to begin using your Mac like a pro!" by Jerome Glacken

★★★★★ "Really a Must-Have for new users - ...Even as a long time Mac user, I pretty much always learn something new and significant from his tutorials. For a new user, the value proposition is even more compelling. Don will show you how to really make the best use of your Mac. He's impeccably organized and the production values for his tutorial are incredibly high. Every time a friend moves to the Mac, I immediately send them to Don's stuff because it's just that good. Can't recommend enough." by Mike Doel

★★★★★ "Have your own personal guide to your Mac available always - Don McAllister's SCOtutor for Mac is a concise, time-efficient tool giving new and experienced Mac users a way to get more insight into the many features of their computers -- to learn by having critical skills demonstrated for them. SCOtutor for Mac joins the other SCOtutor apps ... as my favorite tools to give Mac users on-demand assistance at any hour of the day its needed. Well organized into chapters, with Don's insightful commentary and video clips enhanced to demonstrate "how to". One of the best Apps you will install on your Mac -- a "must have". by Paul MBCA

★★★★★ "Essential viewing - This app tells you everything you need to know about a Mac, whether you're a novice or an experienced user. With the chapters you can look up any subject at any time without having to go through the whole video.” by iLikeAlot

Just a sample of the actual 5 star reviews given to SCOtutor for Mac from App Stores across the globe


Let SCOtutor for Mac show you how to get the most out of your Mac with this easy to follow study guide - A beginners video tutorial guide to using a Mac.

If you're new to the Mac or a recent Mac switcher, learn everything you need to know to get you up and running with your Mac, quickly and easily!

Once you've mastered SCOtutor for Mac or if you're not a complete beginner, check out the next tutorials in the SCOtutor series - SCOtutor for Lion & SCOtutor for Mountain Lion (coming soon). Both these apps take you to the next level and look more deeply into the new features of Lion and Mountain Lion

SCOtutor for Mac also contains a unique note taking feature. Just tap on the note icon at any time and a notepad will appear, allowing you to take notes or reminders about certain features. Tap another button to enter the lesson name and a timestamp. You can export all your notes for review or to share with others via email.

Keep it on your iPad or iPhone as a quick reference guide and when you complete or pause a lesson, the app remembers your position and restarts just where you left it! With the built in AirPlay support, you can even view the tutorial on your HDTV via an Apple TV.

Comprehensive Mac Tutorial
The HD video tutorial runs for 157 minutes and covers 12 major subjects organised into over 75 topics.

• Introduction to the Mac
• Exploring the OS X Desktop
• Applications and your Mac
• Introduction to the Finder
• Auto Save & Versions
• Introduction to Apple Mail
• Managing Application Windows
• Printing and Scanning
• Sharing with the Mac
• Using the Safari Web Browser
• Users, Accounts & Parental Controls
• Time Machine
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App Store Reviews
NagyUram, 5 stars:

The Mac is intuitive if you have the time and the patience to explore each menu. For the rest of us, an organizing guide is essential. Instruction is agreeable and thorough. Despite my antipathy to the tedium of any guide, this tutorial is worth the trouble.

Quitcryinwamu, 5 stars:

I learned so much watching this tutorial. I was really amazed at how much more there is to know and the tutorial is very clear and Don really knows what he is doing. This as a professional job not some B rated movie. Great job and thank you for this. I am now getting your weekly podcasts from, highly recommend this

fanboy09, 5 stars:

This is a great video tutorial for a new user. Even an experienced user can pick up a few tips. Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline does the best screencasts available for Apple fans out there. I highly recommend all of his apps and checking out his website or podcasts. Search "SCOTUTOR" to find his other apps…all great stuff!!!

craftygirl1961, 5 stars:

Very comprehensive tutorial for new users. Thanks! I plan to get your other apps as well.

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