PC TODAY Magazine - September 2012: Landtech eSign selected in the 10 Top Tablet Apps!

Signing documents on the iPad and iPhone with your finger or stylus is very easy. Landtech eSign allows signatures, text and photos to be placed anywhere within PDF documents.

You do not need an internet connection nor an account to use Landtech eSign. It is the easiest and fastest signature app for signature execution of PDF documents.

With no internet connection or account requirement your documents remain secure on your device.

You may transfer documents to Landtech eSign and back to your desktop via the iTunes App.

You may take a photo (scan) of existing documents to automatically create a PDF to sign.

Whenever viewing a PDF email attachment or any application displaying a PDF including the Safari internet browser you have the option to send the PDF document to Landtech eSign for signature execution.

Landtech eSign is a simple and easy way to execute documents directly from your iPad or iPhone eliminating the paper process. You can do away with the fax, print and scan processes as with paper signatures.

From anywhere you have the ability to receive and sign documents as if they were presented to you on paper, but without the hassles of paper!

You may print PDF documents directly from Landtech eSign with Air Print. You may also Rename your PDF files.

Landtech eSign has selections for multiple ink colors and pen sizes.

Save time and automate your business as never before!

Documentation is available at:
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Quartz 2D Core Animation AVFoundation Cocoa Touch
  • Backend Parse
  • Analytics SDK Google Analytics Flurry
  • Mobile Features Cloud Storage
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App Store Reviews
ScreaminEagle797, 5 stars:

Simple, clean and easiest signing app available! No internet connections or logins needed. Very easy for clients to install and use. A real GEM! Those who complain about a free app and upgrades should focus their wrath with Apple who doesn't seem to care about preserving its base of apps!!

R2Paint, 5 stars:

For three years I've been using this app and had no issues. Thought it time to leave a review. LOVE IT!!! This is one of my all time favorite tools. Highly recommended.

Lubintaor, 5 stars:

I have not complains on this app, in fact it has been a great tool until the upgrade came along!! Menu's action are not performed correctly and that was frustrating when I was with client. Need to be fixed soon!! Again, this is a great app.

Roncredible, 5 stars:

Ideal and essential business tool for the real world! Great to have to accommodate all those last minute requests for a signature. No more taking time out of your busy day running to Kinkos to play the more printing, scanning email marathon! Thank you for making this app!!!!!

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