Experience the exhilarating nightlife of South Africa as Buster, a curious galago, finds new heights while keeping his belly full with a variety of fruits, insects, and elusive tree gum.

• 25 Dynamically generated levels of increasing difficulty
• Story-book style cutscenes
• Intuitive control scheme designed for mobile devices
• Robust upgrade system
• A shmup designed for all ages
• Different color scarves for Buster to wear
• Fly between trees using the magic heli-berry
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Version History:
Version: 1  (Jan, 2012 - Sep, 2013)   Show More
App Store Reviews
JadekHarley, 5 stars:

Kat did a lovely job with the art! The update is really nice too :3

Nikkihoi Mike, 5 stars:

Great fun The newest version is addictive. The game play is more challenging and the orb store is fun.

riathewolf, 5 stars:

This game is beyond cute and a lot of fun. It's a perfect game for the kids with facts about these little animals all through out the game. I love that you can buy the main character Buster new scarves of so many colors and they might even have power ups!

Corlix, 5 stars:

This seemed like a great kids game for keeping the little ones busy, but it's actually a lot of fun (speaking as an adult playing). Awesome children's book water color art style, cute main character, and a nice little story!

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