For children aged 6 months - 12 years.

Imagine your child able to instantly remember then accurately recall hundreds of objects, their names and unique facts about them with lightning speed. All this and more your children can develop as they play Super Flash!

This iPad app was developed by the makers of the multiple award-winning Super Flash CD games and utilizes unique accelerated learning techniques inspired by experts in whole-brain education.

Most games for children use distorted images and sounds or too much visual stimulation that inhibit the child’s full learning potential. Our games are designed to correct accelerated learning standards that can naturally unlock your child’s genius capabilities.

They are excellent for almost any age or learning ability and have made a perfect learning companion for many teachers and parents around the world.

•Instant object/word/sound association and recognition
•Photographic memory and rapid memory recall
•Encyclopedic knowledge and vocabulary
•Increased self-esteem and positive attitude
•Ability to learn any school subject faster and better

•Children learn about common and unusual musical instruments from around the world using proper stimulation methods for unlocking maximum learning potential
•Five categories of objects (separate apps): Animals From Around the World, Foods From Around the World, Sports Equipment and Games, Musical Instruments, and Tools and Instruments
•Uses undistorted photographic objects with no background (best for brain development and memory retention)
•Play using one or more of the following flashing methods: Objects, names, audio names, audio facts
•Find game
•1-4 players
•Sequential or random sets play (70 objects)
•1-10 flashing items per round
•Fast-play instructions
•Viewable/printable instructions for playing these games in many different ways
•Information about this accelerated learning method
•Two sizes of 140 printable playing cards with interesting facts on the backs
•Printable game charts to log your child's learning progress
•Five printable accelerated learning award certificates to present to your children as they excel with the games

AWARDS (CD version of same game):

“Top Choice Award” Boston Museum of Science®

“Excellence in Education” Education Clearing House®

“Perfect 10” GameZone’s® KidZone®

“All Green Lights” National Institute on Media and the Family®


“I believe Memory Magic [Super Flash] provides a higher level of education because it helps my children learn quicker and remember more information." M. Molina, mother of five and home schooler

“These games will stimulate, invigorate and educate your children for hours on end!” Children’s game reviewer, Education Clearing House

“I have just had my 7yr old read to me instead of silent reading his home reader books. To my surprise there had been a dramatic increase in the speed in which he reads.” P. Simmons, Australia

“We noticed when we go out shopping our three-year old points out objects she saw from the game and says their names.” L. Brennen, mother who reported becoming very excited after listening to her child pointing to a white and black dog and, instead of saying her usual “doggie,” said “Dalmatian”, which was what
kind of dog it was!

“I've never seen these children play a game for that long and without fighting over something! Any game that do that is a winner in my book." M. Gulick, Mother of 3 at her 7-child friends home. They reportedly played this game for 3 straight hours!
Screenshots for Accelerated Learning - Flashing - Musical Instruments Screenshots for Accelerated Learning - Flashing - Musical Instruments Screenshots for Accelerated Learning - Flashing - Musical Instruments Screenshots for Accelerated Learning - Flashing - Musical Instruments Screenshots for Accelerated Learning - Flashing - Musical Instruments
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