Do you have a great looking website.... that gets BARELY any traffic?

Having the best website in the world means nothing if no one visits it.

We all know that “Traffic = Customers = $$$”

And if you’re here you probably know there are two main ways to drive visitors to your site:

1. Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO)
2. AdWords (aka “Search Engine Marketing”)

Simple, right? Not really.

If you’ve done any Googling you know that there is a TON of conflicting information on the web about how to “optimize backlinks” to your site and “boost your CTR” on your AdWords ads.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Good, this app is for you.

Even if you’ve already got the basics down and are ready to take your SEO and AdWords results to the next level, keep reading because we’ve got the advanced tips and tools you need.

This app contains over 30 video interviews with seasoned AdWords and SEO experts who walk you through exactly how they set up optimization campaigns from start to finish. If you are serious about driving either free or paid traffic to your site, this is the inside knowledge you’ve been looking for.

Here is a full list of everything you’ll learn:

• Intro to SEO
• Tips and Optimizations
• Advanced SEO: Tools and Tricks
• AdWords 101
• Advanced AdWords Tutorials

**Note: This app functions best with the latest version of iOS **


“You can spend days and nights searching for advice on how to use SEO and AdWords on your own or you can save time by downloading the free Adwords and SEO Secrets app for iPad and iPhone...This free application is good for beginners and professionals, and it reviews various traffic subjects including PageRank, plugins for WordPress, free traffic generation, ad writing and keyword research.” – Ali Gorelova,
Screenshots for Adwords and SEO Secrets Screenshots for Adwords and SEO Secrets Screenshots for Adwords and SEO Secrets Screenshots for Adwords and SEO Secrets Screenshots for Adwords and SEO Secrets Screenshots for Adwords and SEO Secrets
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App Store Reviews
Kakdidoak, 5 stars:

Why is this app free? I have learned so much in the first five minutes of using it. I don't know who the guy is in the videos but he breaks things down so much nicer than anyone I've read online. Also presents it terrifically. Thank you so much.

Fredjim1, 5 stars:

Super... This is helping me so much in my new business. Can you be more specific like explaining the tips a bit more. Thank you

Nizzy22, 5 stars:

A great introduction to SEO basics in a palatable format, well done!

Jonathan Pollow, 5 stars:

This app is extremely useful for anyone who wants to learn SEO basics. I find this app extremely helpful as a Marketing major with little technical training. You don't need to know a lot of IT knowledge to understand the videos.

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